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Editorial board:

Lucile Desblache
General Editor
Lucile Desblache
Deputy Editors
Łucja Biel / Lindsay Bywood

Peer-review manager
Mikolaj Deckert

Louisa Desilla
English Editors
Lindsay Bywood / Sarah Hall / Zoe Moores / Carolyn Sumberg

Reviews Editor

Matilde Nisbeth Jensen []

Technical design and inplementation
Webmaster & Designer - Andy Walker
Assistant webmaster - Kirsty Walter
Video - Robin Scobey

Editorial/Advisory Board members

Donald Barabé
Liselotte Brodbeck
Louise Brunette
Jody Byrne
Deborah Cao
Jorge Díaz-Cintas
Heather Fulford
Daniel Gile
Lourdes Melcion
Jeremy Munday
Josélia Neves
Helge Niska
Nike Kocijanci Pokorn
Anthony Pym
Nadia Rahab
Vilelmini Sosoni
Christina Schäffner
Reinhard Schäler
Karen Seago
Mark Shuttleworth
Marcel Thelen

Suggestions for the pool of referees
We would be grateful for suggestions at any time.
We also welcome suggestions for guest issues in specialist areas from Board and external members.