Museums and the creative industries: The contribution of Translation Studies
by Min-Hsiu Liao


Multilingualism and museums: Voices of the First World War in the Kobarid Museum (Slovenia) and the Historial de la Grande Guerre (France)
by Marianna Deganutti, Nina Parish and Eleanor Rowley


La reseña arquitectónica y su traducción
by Tamara M. Cabrera


Markets and the creative paradigm: Identity variability in English-Greek translated promotional material
by Maria Sidiropoulou


Introducing transcreation skills in translator training contexts: A situated project-based approach
by Marián Morón and Elisa Calvo


Journey to the East: Cultural adaptation of video games for the Chinese market
by Luo Dong and Carme Mangiron


Film adaptation as the interface between creative translation and cultural transformation: The case of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby
by Katerina Perdikaki


Audio description for live performances and audience participation
by Elena Di Giovanni


Rhymed and traditional audio description according to the blind and partially sighted audience: results of a pilot study on creative audio
by Monika Zabrocka


Leonard Cohen in French culture: a song of love and hate: A comparison between musical and literary translation
by Francis Mus


When translation is not enough: Transcreation as a convention-defying practice. A practitioner’s perspective
by Claudia Benetello


Intersections between language, linguistics, subtitling and translation: A conversation
Zoe Moores interviews Dan McIntyre


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David Katan interviewed by Lucile Desblache on translating cultures

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Marek Gralewski interviewed by Lucile Desblache on being a translator in Poland

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Grzegorz Pawlowski interviewed by Lucile Desblache on working conditions for interpreters and translators in Poland

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