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Biography: Vassilis Korkas

Vassilis Korkas is a translation tutor and the Greek translation programme convenor at the University of Surrey. He has a technical and scientific translation background and a very strong interest in the use of technology and the Internet in the practice and teaching of translation and terminology. He is also active as a translator and a researcher of on-line translation resources. He can be reached at

Biography: Pantelis Pavlides

Pantelis Pavlides has a BSc Honours Degree in Physics with Chemistry and a PhD in Quantum Chemistry from Queen Mary College (London). He has worked as a research assistant in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry and is currently employed as a visiting tutor in Technical Translation at the University of Surrey and the University of Westminster, where he also teaches Principles of Science and Technology and Technical Writing. He has also taught Scientific and Medical Translation at Imperial College (London). He can be reached at