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4 interviews with practitioners and trainers in specialised translation


Annika Harzhofer: Translation Manager at Xerox, UK

1. What does your job consist of?

2. Would you tell us something about your professional background?

3. What is the place of Xerox in the translation market?

4. What profile do you look for when employing a new translator?

5. What advice can you give to novice translators looking for a job?

6. What extent does theoretical training play in translation training?

7. What career structure can a young translator expect as he/she develops professionally?

8. What daily output is expected from junior / senior translators?

9. What role does outreach work play in your work? What benefit is drawn from it?

10. What is your vision of an ideal relationship between academic institutions and industry?

11. How do you see the translating profession evolving in the near future?