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4 interviews with practitioners and trainers in specialised translation


Christina Schäffner. Interview March 5th 2004

1. You are the Director of Aston University's Institute for the Study of Language and Society and Programme Director of the University's MA in Translation in a European context. How do translation studies relate to the study of society?

2. Recently, translation studies have moved towards intercultural training. How do you feel about this change in direction ?

3. Some see the development of translation studies in progressive steps; influenced first by linguistics, then by cultural studies and now by sociology. Would you agree with this vision?

4. How important is the role of theory in translation training?

5. What role does discourse analysis play in foregrounding theory in translation?

6. What models of discourse analysis do you favour and why?

7. You specialise in the study of political texts. How would you summarise essential features of those texts?