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Table of Contents: Issue 04 - July 2005

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Debbie Folaron on translation technologies
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Gonzalo Abril, lip synchroniser, dubbing director and dubbing actor
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Jose Llurba ,free-lance audiovisual translator
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ARTICLES: Technical translation and translation technology
Heather Fulford and Joaquin Granell Zafra
Translation and technology: a study of UK freelance translators
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PP 2-17
Ignacio Garcia
Long term memories: Trados and TM turn 20
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PP 18-31
Alexandre Künzli
Le traitement des noms de produits dans la traduction français-allemand
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PP 32-44
ARTICLES: Audiovisual translation
Anna Matamala
Freelance voice-over translator
Translating for Catalan television
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PP 45-48
Zoë Pettit
Translating register, style and tone in dubbing and subtitling
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PP 49-65
Orero, Pilar (2004) Topics in Audiovisual Translation.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. xiii, 225,
ISBN 1 58811 569 0/$119.00. ISBN 90 272 1662 2 / 99.00.
Reviewed by Eithne O'Connell.
PP 66-68
Bogucki, Łukasz (2004) A Relevance Framework for Constraints on Cinema Subtitling. Wydawnicto Uniwersytetu: Łodz, pp. 185. ISBN 83-7171-814-4. zł 18.
Reviewed by Pilar Orero
PP 69
Bravo Gozalo, J.M. (ed) (2004). A New Spectrum of Translation Studies. Valladolid. Universidad de Valladolid, pp. 392. ISBN: 0-85312-788-3. 15.03.
Reviewed by Belén López Arroyo
PP 70-71
O'Connell, Eithne M.T. (2003) Minority Language Dubbing for Children: Screen Translation from German to Irish. Bern: Peter Lang, pp.211. ISBN 3-03910-011-4 / US-ISBN 0-8204-6280. €37.90. $ 41.95.
Reviewed by Gillian Lathey.
PP 72-73
Gonzalo García, Consuelo; García Yebra, Valentín (eds.). (2004). Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializada. Madrid: Arco Libros, pp. 557 (Instrumenta bibliològica. Serie B). ISBN 84-7635-578-5. 21, 32
Reviewed by Pilar Cid.
PP 74-75
Santos, Diana (2004). Translation-based corpus studies. Contrasting English and Portuguese tense and aspect systems. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, pp.xii, 173. ISBN 904201751-1. €44 / US $ 55.
Reviewed by Margaret Rogers.
PP 76-78
Atom Egoyan and Ian Balfour (eds) (2004). Subtitles: on the foreignness of film. Cambridge, USA: MIT Press, pp. 544. ISBN 0-262-05078-1. £22.95/$35.00
Reviewed by Pilar Orero.
PP 79