Helle Vrønning Dam

Interview with Helle Vrønning Dam, Associate Professor, Arhus School of Business, Denmark (September 2005)

1. Would you introduce yourself?

2. You are a member of Hermes' editorial board. What is your role in it?

3. Could you give us a brief history of the journal? (done at the end)

4. What are the present editorial policies of Hermes?

5. How do you see its role in the growing translation publishing world?

6. How do you see it developing in the future?

7. Hermes is described as a journal of language and communication studies. How much does it contribute to bridge the gap between linguistics and translation/interpreting studies?

8. Your research is in interpreting studies. Could you introduce your recent work?

9. You have particularly considered the language of note-taking. Could you expand on this?

10. Would you see your research as empirical and primarily cognitive?

11. Would you say that this applies to most research in interpreting studies?