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Biography: Dídac Pujol

Dídac Pujol is doctor in English Philology and lecturer in translation from English into Catalan at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. His research interests include literary translation, especially of Shakespeare, and poetry, as well as the translation of colloquial language. He has published several studies on literature and literary translation, among which the books Across the Frontier: A Dialogic Approach to Literary Translation, Poetry, Language and Identity in Contemporary Irish and Scottish Literature and, in collaboration with Jordi Ainaud and Anna Espunya, the translation handbook Manual de traducció anglès-català. He has published several technical translations, translations of novels and, above all, of poetry; among his translated writers is the Nobel Prize for Literature Seamus Heaney. He has also worked as a lexicographer for HarperCollins and has directed the Easy English Dictionary with a Catalan-English Vocabulary.