Thomas Blomberg
Head of Languaging Services Red Bee Media
(January 2006)

1. Would you introduce yourself?

2. Could you summarize the services offered by Red Bee Media?

3. What is the current scene in language versioning as regards subtitling?

4. What is the situation in the UK?

5. Does Red Bee Media tend to work with freelance translators, subtitlers and audiodescribers?

6. What special skills are needed for audiodescribing?

7. How big is the access service staff at Red Bee Media?

8. Are there defined policies in the UK regarding subtitling?

9. Are UK trends regarding subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing similar to those in the rest of Europe?

10. Any word of advice for young professionals keen to work in this area?

11. What do you enjoy most about your job?