Dr Frederic Chaume, Senior Lecturer in Translation (Universtitat Jaume I) and professional translator

1. What is your professional background and how did you come to work in media translation?

2. What trends have you seen in dubbing in the last fifteen years?

3. What is the typical process of a translator working for dubbing purposes?

4. How well is the move towards translators working as dialogue writers received?

5. Are programmes mainly dubbed for cinema or for TV?

6. Is the dubbing situation very different in different European countries?

7. Do dubbing studios tend to be large companies? Do they deal with free-lancers only or do they also employ in-house translators?

8. What training is available for aspiring media translators?

9. What do you love most about your job?

10. What are the professional prospects in film translation?

11. How difficult is it for a translator who lives abroad to keep up with his/her native tongue?