Federico Spoletti, Managing Director of Sub-Ti
(February 2006)

1. Would you introduce yourself?

2. How much translation work have you done for film festivals?

3. Do you tend to employ free-lancing translators?

4. What characterises the process of translating for film festivals?

5. Do translation requirements vary from country to country?

6. How many film festivals do you work for and what is the usual workload?

7. What sort of source materials do you work from?

8. Could you give us an example of the sort of problems you can experience?

9. Are most translations completed into English in most film festivals or are other languages provided for?

10. What technical challenges do you have to face?

11. Do translators work as part of a team or on their own?

12. How much do film translators need a background in film?

13. Are translating norms similar to those in general translation or do specific guidelines apply to film festival translation?

14. What are the prospects for any young professional waning to work in this field?