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Table of Contents: Issue 06 - July 2006
Guest editors: Jorge Díaz Cintas, Pilar Orero and Aline Remael

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Jorge Díaz Cintas, Pilar Orero, Aline Remael
P 2-9
Carmen Mangiron and Minako O'Hagan
Game Localisation:Unleashing Imagination with "Restricted" Translation
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PP 10-21
Miguel Bernal Merino
On the Translation of Video Games
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PP 22-36
Jorge Díaz Cintas and Pablo Muñoz Sánchez
Fansubs: Audiovisual Translation in an Amateur Environment
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PP 37-52
Adriana Tortoriello
Funny and Educational across Cultures: Subtitling Winnie The Pooh into Italian
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PP 53-67
Cristina Valentini
A Multimedia Database for the Training of Audiovisual Translators
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PP 68-84
Annamaria Caimi
Audiovisual Translation and Language Learning: The Promotion of Intralingual Subtitles
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PP 85-98
Maria Pavesi and Elisa Perego
Profiling Film Translators In Italy: A Preliminary Analysis
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PP 99-144
Panayota Georgakopoulou
Subtitling and Globalisation
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PP 115-120
Dídac Pujol
The Translation and Dubbing of 'Fuck' into Catalan: The Case of From Dusk till Dawn
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PP 121-133
Pablo Romero Fresco
The Spanish Dubbese: A Case of (Un)idiomatic Friends
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PP 134-151
Nathalie Ramière
Reaching a Foreign Audience: Cultural Transfers in Audiovisual Translation
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PP 152-166
Marcella De Marco
Audiovisual Translation from a Gender Perspective
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PP 167-184
Silvia Bruti
Cross-cultural Pragmatics: The Translation of Implicit Compliments in Subtitles
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PP 185-197
Delia Chiaro
Verbally Expressed Humour on Screen: Reflections on Translation and Reception
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PP 198-208
Daniel Gile (2005).
La Traduction, La comprendre, l'apprendre.

Paris: Presse Universitaires de France, Linguistique nouvelle.
Pp. 278 €32 ISBN 2 13 052500 8
PP 209-210
Moira Inghilleri (ed.),
Translator, vol. 11, no.2, 2005,
Special Issue on Bourdieu and the Sociology of Translation and Interpreting £25.00 ISBN 1-900650-86-X
Reviewed by Michael Cronin
PP 211-213
JR. Godijns, M. Hinderdael (eds) (2005)
Directionality in Interpreting. The 'Retour' or the Native?
Gent: Communication and Cognition.
Pp. 195. Paperback £26.95/US$49.95 ISBN 90-70963-876
Reviewed by Jacqueline Page
PP 214-216
Valero Garcés, Carmen (ed.) (2005)
Traduccion como Mediacion entre Lenguas y Culturas / Translation as Mediation or How to Bridge Linguistic and Cultural Gaps.
Alcala de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alcala (CD).
Pp. 318. €12. ISBN
Reviewed by Raquel Lazaro Gutierrez
PP 217-219
Alexander Künzli (ed.) (2005)
Empirical Research into Translation and Interpreting,
Neuchatel: Bulletin Suisse de linguistique appliquée n° 81
pp. 166 CH Franc 25 ISSN 1023-2044
Reviewed by Lucile Desblache
PP 220-221
Dinda L. Gorlée (2005)
Song and Significance. Virtues and Vices of Vocal Translation.
Amsterdam/New York: Rodopipp. 311 €62 / US $ 74
ISBN 90-420-1687-6
Reviewed by Lucile Desblache
PP 222-223
Emer O'Sullivan (2005)
Comparative Children's Literature
London: Routledge £60.00 ISBN 0415305519
Reviewed by Gillian Lathey
PP 224-226
Gianni Davico (2004)
L'industria della traduzione. Realta a prospettive del mercato italiano.
Edizioni Seb 27 Turin. Pp 136. €12.00
Reviewed by Peter Newmark
P 227