Richard Balkwill, editor and consultant in copyright issues

1. Would you introduce yourself and your professional background?

2. Do you work mainly with publishers?

3. Are translators aware of copyright issues?

4. What legislation governs copyright at present, particularly in relation to translators?

5. Is the fight for translators to be recognised reflected in attitudes to this legislation?

6. What is the situation regarding electronic publications?

7. Is the need to control prominent in establishing copyright directives?

8. From the translator's perspective, isn't easy access to information promoting multiculturalism, multilingualism and facilitating research?

9. Is legislation largely national or is there a move towards internationalisation, in particular in relation to European directives?

10. Is electronic publication mentioned in copyright legislation?

11. What about directives regarding exemption from copyright?

12. What do the latest copyright directives stipulate regarding the visually impaired?

13. Do you think that our vision of intellectual property is changing?

14. How much are translators protected as regards copyright?

15. Any useful advice to professional translators?

16. How do you see the future of copyright?