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Biography: Xingmin Zhao

Mr Xingmin Zhao is a translator at the United Nations Office at Geneva. He was educated in China and became a translator in the UN in 1988. His translation covers various subjects, such as disarmament, human rights and international law. His present focus is on translation of international law. He co-authored Translation at the United Nations (2006, Beijing, in Chinese ). His other interests include literary translation and translator training.


Biography: Dr Deborah Cao

Dr Deborah Cao is an Associate Professor affiliated with the School of Languages and Linguistics and the Socio-Legal Research Centre of the Law School, Griffith University, Australia. She has published in the areas of translation theories, legal translation, pragmatics, legal language, court interpreting, philosophical and linguistic analysis of Chinese law and legal culture. Her books include Chinese Law: A Language Perspective (2004, Ashgate), Translation at the United Nations (2006 Beijing, in Chinese, co-authored with Xingmin Zhao ), Translating Law (2007, Multilingual Matters), and Animals are not Things: Animal Law in the West (2008, China Law Press). She is the deputy editor of the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law.