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Interview with Jonathan Burton and Judi Palmer

1. Surtitling at the Royal Opera House

2. The Process of Surtitling

3. Surtitling quality and accessibility issues.

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Jonathan BurtonBiography: Jonathan Burtony and Judi Palmer

Jonathan Burton, Surtitler at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden read Music at Trinity College, Cambridge. A Senior Music Librarian at English National Opera for several years, he has been a full-time surtitler at the Royal Opera House since 2000.

Judi Palmer works as Surtitle Co-Ordinator at the Royal Opera House in London. She initially trained as an oboe player both in London and Paris before opting for a career in opera. She has been working at the Opera House since 1988 and also acts as an advisor on surtitling issues both in the UK and abroad.