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Ranzato 1 Irene Ranzato has worked in the field of translation for the cinema for many years. She teaches Audiovisual Translation and themes related to intersemiotic translation (focusing on adaptations for the screen of English novels and plays) at Sapienza University, Rome. She also teaches Master courses in Specialised Translation at the same university. She has written several articles on translation and a book on Tom Stoppard in which she analyses the work of the great playwright as a screenplay writer, translator and adapter. She has also translated several films into Italian and her translations of books and essays have been published by some of the leading Italian publishers and journals. A book on audiovisual translation is due to be published in Italy. She is currently completing research for a PhD in Translation Studies at Imperial College, London, under the supervision of Dr Jorge Díaz Cintas. Her research focuses on forms of manipulation and censorship of audiovisual programmes in the translation of dubbing from English into Italian concentrating in particular on TV series such as Friends, Six Feet Under and Life on Mars.