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Gary MasseyGary Massey, PhD, has a background in translation and in German and English language and literature. He is currently head of the ZHAW Institute of Translation and Interpreting's MA programme in Specialised Translation and past head of its undergraduate degree programmes. A co-investigator of the Capturing Translation Processes research project, his other research interests include translation pedagogy, e-learning and information literacy. He can be contacted at

Maureen Ehrensberge-rDowMaureen Ehrensberger-Dow, PhD, is a Canadian psycholinguist who has been involved in research into multilingualism and translation in Switzerland for the past 10 years. From a learner-based perspective driven by an interest in second language acquisition, she has become increasingly drawn into research into language practitioners’ strategies and expert knowledge. She is currently principal investigator of the Capturing Translation Processes research project. She can be contacted at

Note 1:
We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (Grant 13DFD3_124653/1) for this project as well as thank the students, professional translators and teachers who have contributed to our corpus. We are also grateful to Andrea Hunziker Heeb for collecting and analysing the data presented in this paper. For further information about the project, see
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Note 2:
Inferential statistics are not appropriate for these qualitative data, so only percentages and no significance levels are reported here.
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Note 3:
We use Camtasia Studio. See
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