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The first issue of JoSTrans appeared in January 2004 and preparations for the publication started in 2002. Professor Peter Newmark was actively involved in the creation of this journal and supportive of it throughout the fifteen issues that were published in his lifetime. His disappearance marks a turning point for the journal, which has lost a parental figure.

Peter’s collaborative spirit was infectious, and in an era when competition often replaces collaboration, his reminders that the best way to work was with rather than against each other comforted us in our team-driven approach. We pledge to keep this open, collaborative approach as a driving force in our work. At times when professional translation is delivered by ‘service providers,’ when text delivery is equated to ‘localised product,’ when unpaid crowd sourcing increases pressure on professionals to prove their value, when translators need to multitask or cooperate with a wide range of other professionals from copy-writers to software specialists or project managers, it is more important than ever that this journal facilitate exchanges of ideas in the translation community, new theoretical developments and open views on ethical, intercultural and technical frameworks in the profession.

This issue is the largest issue we have published, a double issue as we wish to pay tribute to the founding chair of our Editorial Board. Issue 17a presents a diverse volume comprising twelve articles in English, French and Spanish in subjects as varied as quality evaluation models for translation, audiovisual translation, localisation, translation training and legal translation. Issue 17b is devoted to Peter Newmark and includes both personal tributes from colleagues in translation and interpreting that have known him well (Ann Corsellis, Jan Cambridge, Jeremy Munday) and more substantial articles inspired in some way by his professional input (Heather Fulford, Margaret Rogers, Christina Schäffner). Video interviews reflect this variety as Donal Carey discusses the challenges of leading an English Unit for the Directorate General for Translation, Jorge Diaz Cintas gives an overview of fansubbing today while Michael Cronin offers his stimulating views on globalisation.

Happy reading to all our readers and all the best for a fruitful 2012.

Lucile Desblache