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Table of Contents: Issue 19
Special issue on Machine translation and the Working Methods of Translators - January 2013

Lucile Desblache
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P 1
Louise Brunette
Guest editor's introduction
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PP 2-7

Pablo Romero Fresco interviews Sylvain Caschelin, respeaker and translation lecturer at the University of Strasbourg on respeaking techniques in France

Lucile Desblache interviews Roslyn Bottoni, editor at the Directorate General for Translation, Brussels, on working as an editor at the European Commission.



Lori Thicke
The industrial process for quality machine translation
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PP 8-18
Caroline Champsaur
La traduction automatique : un outil pour les traducteurs ?
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PP 19-28
Anne-Marie Robert
Vous avez dit post-éditrice ? Quelques éléments d'un parcours personnel
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PP 29-40
ARTICLES (Issue 19)
Donald Barabé
Société, technologie et traduction : perspectives et impacts
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PP 41-61
AnneMarie Taravella and Alain O. Villeneuve
Acknowledging the needs of computer-assisted translation tools users: the human perspective in human-machine translation
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PP 62-74
Ana Guerberof Arenas
What do professional translators think about post-editing?
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PP 75-95
Louise Brunette et Chantal Gagnon
Enseigner la révision à l'ère des wikis : là où l'on trouve la technologie alors qu'on ne l'attendait plus
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PP 96-121
Stephen Doherty and Joss Moorkens
Investigating the experience of translation technology labs: pedagogical implications
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PP 122-136
Jeremy Munday (2012).
Introducing Translation Studies (3rd edition)
Reviewed by Louisa Desilla [HTML] [PDF]
PP 137-139
María Amparo Jímenez Ivars and María Jesús Blasco Mayor (eds) (2012).
Interpreting Brian Harris. Recent Developments in Translatology.
Reviewed by Mireia Vargas Urpi [HTML] [PDF]
PP 140-144
Douglas Robinson (2012).
Becoming a translator: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation (3rd edition)
Reviewed by Christina Delistathi [HTML] [PDF]
PP 145-147
Anna Gil-Bardaji, Pilar Orero and Sara Rovira-Esteva (eds) (2012).
Translation Peripheries
Reviewed by Ramón Méndez [HTML] [PDF]
PP 148-150
Piotrowska, Maria and Joanna Dybiec-Gajer (2012).
Verba Volant Scripta Manent. How to Write an M.A. Thesis in Translation Studies
Reviewed by Łucja Biel [HTML] [PDF]
PP 151-153
Yuan Xiaohui (2009).
Politeness and Audience Response in Chinese-English Subtitling
Reviewed by Helena Casas-Tost [HTML] [PDF]
PP 154-156
Dinda L. Gorlée (2012). 
Wittgenstein in Translation. Exploring semiotic signatures.
Reviewed by Lucile Desblache [HTML] [PDF]
PP 157-158