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OncinsEstel·la Oncins holds a degree in Translation Studies from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and a MA in European Studies from the Hannover Universität (Germany). She is a UAB PhD candidate holding a scholarship from CAIAC (Centre for Ambient Intelligence in Catalonia). She has been working as a freelance translator, subtitler, surtitler, respeaker for different Spanish televisions and conferences. Since 2011 she is audio describing the operas at Barcelona Liceu Opera House and providing live subtitles for live events at the UAB. Email:

Oscar LopesOscar Lopes has worked since 2010 with the CAIAC research group at the UAB developing content broadcasting applications for theatre accessibility tailored for persons with sensory limitations, using a wide range of distributed technologies. His research interests go from accessibility content delivery, human-computer interaction, and computer vision. Prior to these activities, he worked on consultancy services and software houses for telecommunication systems development. His technical background is based on a BSc in Computer Science (UEvora-PT), a MSc. in Multimedia Technologies and MSc. in Computer Vision (UAB). Email:

Pilar OreroPilar Orero PhD (UMIST) is the head of research at CAIAC Research Centre (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain). Director of the European MA in Audiovisual Translation at UAB, Recent publications: Topics in Audiovisual Translation (2004) John Benjamins. Co-editor with Jorge Díaz-Cintas and Aline Remael of Media for All: Subtitling for the Deaf, Audio Description and Sign Language (2007) Rodopi. Co-editor with Anna Matamala Listening to Subtitles: SDHoH (2010) in Peter Lang. Co-writer with Anna Matamala and Eliana Franco of the Voice-over: An Overview (2010) in Peter Lang. Co-guest editor with J. L. Kruger Perspectives on Audio Description (2010). Leader of numerous research projects funded by the Spanish and Catalan Gov. Leads TransMedia Catalonia and is now part of the ITU working group Audiovisual Media Accessibility She holds the INDRA accessibility chair 2013. Email:

Javier SerranoJavier Serrano graduated in Computer Science in 1988, and received Ph.D. (1994) degree in Automatic Control (Computer Science Program), at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Bellaterra, Spain. Since 1991, he is Associated Professor at the Computer Science Department of the UAB. In 2000 he joined the new Communications and System Engineering Department. In 2010 he joined the Center for Ambient Intelligence and Accessibility of Catalonia (CaiaC), a research center and a technology transfer node from the Catalan IT network, as Head of PG (master and PhD), and project manager in Speech Technologies. Main interests are Dialogue Systems in human centric interfaces and Speech Recognition and Understanding facing meta-data extraction from multimedia contents. Email: