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Pablo Romero-FrescoPablo Romero-Fresco is a Reader in Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton. He is the author of the book Subtitling through Speech Recognition: Respeaking (St Jerome). He is a member of the Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility organised by the United Nation’s ITU and of the research group CAIAC, for which he has coordinated the subtitling part of the EU-funded project DTV4ALL. Pablo is also a filmmaker. His first documentary, Joining the Dots (2012), about blindness and audiodescription, was screened during the 69th Venice Film Festival and selected for the 2012 London Spanish Film Festival. His second documentary, Brothers and Sisters (2012), about education in Kibera (Kenya), has been broadcast on Austrian and German TV and on the online version of the Spanish newspaper El País in 2013 along with the feature article Levantarse en Kibera and the short film Joel (2012).