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Issue 22: Special issue on crime in translation, edited by Karen Seago, Jonathan Evans and Begoña Rodriguez de Céspedes- July 2014
Lucile Desblache
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Karen Seago
Introduction and overview of crime (fiction) in translation
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PP 2-14
Karen Seago interviews the following crime fiction writers and translators:
Isabel del Rio, Pia Juul, Dominique Manotti,  Amanda Hopkinson, Domingo Villar, Marcelo Fois and Silvester Mazzarella



Esther Morillas
La omisión como estrategia de traducción del género negro:
Io uccido
, de Giorgio Faletti
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PP 15-27
Jean Anderson
Hardboiled or overcooked?
Translating the crime fiction of Léo Malet
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PP 28-43
Ellen Carter
Why not translate metaphor in French crime fiction?
The case of Cary Férey’s Utu
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PP 44-56
Daniel Linder
Reusing existing translations:
mediated Chandler novels in French and Spanish
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PP 57-77
Marjolijn Storm
Translating ‘filth  and trash’:
German translations of Agatha Christie’s detective novels between 1927 and 1939
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PP 78-92
Kerstin Bergman
From literary girl to graphic novel hero —
transmedial transformation of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander
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PP 93-109
Blanca Arias Badia and Jenny Brumme
Subtitling stereotyped discourse in the crime TV series Dexter (2006) and Castle (2009)
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PP 110–131
Brigid Maher
The mysterious case of theory and practice: crime fiction in
collaborative translation [abstract] [about the author] [HTML] [PDF]
“Falange armata,” chapter 2, in Carlo Lucarelli [1993](2009).
L’ispettore Coliandro. Turin: Einaudi. [HTML] [PDF]
Collaborative translation of the above chapter led by Brigid Maher [HTML] [PDF]

PP 132-146

PP 147-151

PP 152-156
Nicholas Whithorn
Translating the mafia: legal translation issues and strategies
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PP 157-173
Aída Martínez-Gómez
Criminals interpreting for criminals: breaking or shaping norms?
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PP 174-193
M. Rosario Martín Ruano
From suspicion to collaboration: defining new epistemologies of reflexive practice for legal translation and interpreting
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PP 194-213
Susanne M. Cadera and Anita Pavic (2014)
The Voices of Suspense and their Translation in Thrillers
Reviewed by B. J. Epstein [HTML] [PDF]
PP 214-215
Barry Forshaw (2012)
Death in a cold climate
Reviewed by Jonathan Evans [HTML] [PDF]
PP 216-217
Jean Anderson, Carolina Miranda, Barbara Pezzotti (eds) (2012)
The Foreign in International Crime Fiction: Transcultural Representations
Reviewed by Sue Lilley [HTML] [PDF]
PP 218-220
Andy Walker (2014)
SDL Trados Studio. A Practical Guide
Reviewed by Piero Toto [HTML] [PDF]
PP 221-223
Mangiron, Carme, Pilar Orero and Minako O'Hagan (2013).
Videogame Localisation and Accessibility: Fun for All. Lang
Reviewed by Alberto Fernández Costales [HTML] [PDF]
PP 224-226
Pellatt, Valerie, Liu, Eric T. and Chen, Yalta Ya-Yun (eds) pp 227–229 (2014).
Translating Chinese Culture: The Process of Chinese-English Translation
Reviewed by Lin Chen [HTML] [PDF]
PP 227-229
Perego, Elisa (ed.) (2012)
Emerging Topics in Translation: audio description
Reviewed by Anna Maszerowska [HTML] [PDF]
PP 230-231
Bestué, Carmen (2013)
Los contratos traducidos. La traducción de los contratos de licencia de uso de programas de ordenador.
Reviewed by Josep Dávila-Montes [HTML] [PDF]
PP 232-233
Vanessa Enríquez Raído (2014)
Translation and Websearching.
Reviewed by Agata Sadza [HTML] [PDF]
PP 234-236