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Issue 23 - July 2014
Lucile Desblache
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P 1

Lucile Desblache interviews Jean-François Cornu on the history of audiovisual translation in France (in French, subtitled by Zoe Moores)



Barbara McClintock, with the assistance of R. Clive Meredith
Twentieth anniversary of the Civil Code of Quebec:
The English Translation of the Civil Code of Québec: A Controversy

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PP 2-11
Łucja Biel interviews Karine McLaren, director of the Moncton
Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques

PP 12-17

Translation and technology
Ignacio Garcia

Cloud marketplaces: procurement of translators in the age of social media
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PP 18-38
Miguel Jiménez
Translation quality, use and dissemination in an internet era: Using single and multi-translation parallel corpora to research translation Quality on the web
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PP 39-63
Kevin Flanagan
Subsegment recall in translation memory – perceptions, expectation and reality
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PP 64-88
Elisa Alonso
Analysing the use and perception of Wikipedia in the professional context of translation
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PP 89-117
Leena Salmi and Maarit Koponen
On the correctness of machine translation
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PP 118-136
Valerie Mariana, Troy Cox and Alan Melby
The Multidimensional Quality Metric (MQM) Framework:
a new framework for translation quality assessment
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PP 137-161
Audiovisual translation
Jan Pedersen

On the subtitling of visualised metaphors
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PP 162-180
Manuela Caniato, Claudia Crocco and Stefania Marzo
Doctor or Dottore? How well do honorifics travel outside of Italy?
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PP 181-204
Li Pan
Multimodality and contextualisation in advertisement translation:
a case study of billboards in Hong Kong
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PP 205-222
Pilar Gonzalez Vera
Tiana y el Sapo: un estudio de la domesticación y extranjerización de los referentes culturales
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PP 223-242
Agnieszka Szarkowska and Anna Jankowska
Audio describing foreign films
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PP 243-269
Sofía Sánchez Mompeán
Dubbing animated feature films: behind the voices
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PP 270-291
Medical, legal translation and translation training
Lucía Ruiz Rosendo and Desa Conniff

Legislation as backdrop for the professionalisation and training of the healthcare interpreter in the United States
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PP 292-315
Paulina Pietrzak
Stylistic aspects of English and Polish medical records. Implications for translation
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PP 292-315
Ana María Muñoz Miquel
El desarrollo de la competencia traductora a través de la socialización con el experto en la materia: una experiencia didáctica
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PP 333-351
Sara Laviosa (2014)
Translation and Language Education
Reviewed by Agata Sadz [HTML] [PDF]
PP 352-355
Helen Julia Minors (2013)
Music, Text and Translation
Reviewed by Marta Mateo [HTML] [PDF]
PP 356-362
Guillermo Cabanellas (2014)
The Legal Environment of Translation
Reviewed by Susan Lilley [HTML] [PDF]
PP 363-364
Luis Pérez-González (2014)
Audiovisual Translation. Theories, Methods and Issues
Reviewed by Jonathan Evans [HTML] [PDF]
PP 365-367
Valero-Garcés, Carmen (2014)
Communicating Across Cultures. A Coursebook on Interpreting and Translating in Public Services and Institutions
Reviewed by Paola Gentile [HTML] [PDF]
PP 363-364