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Table of Contents: Issue 26 - July 2016

Lucile Desblache   
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PP 1-2
Lucile Desblache interviews Marta Mateo on the translation of musicals and Pierre Schmitt on music and the deaf and hard of hearing


Sonia Vandepitte, Bruce Maylath, Birthe Mousten, Patricia Minacori and Suvi Isohella
Applying new technologies: a technical communication and translation case study in multilateral international collaboration
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PP 3-19
Philippe Gardy
L’évaluation en didactique de la traduction: un état des lieux
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PP 20-49
Gianluca Pontrandolfo
Aproximación gradual a la traducción jurídica: un recorrido didáctico    
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PP 50-71
Tanja Collet
Intertextuality in Specialised Translation: Citations as semantic markers in social science
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PP 72-95
Ralph Krüger
The textual degree of technicality as a potential factor influencing the occurrence of explicitation in scientific and technical translation
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PP 96-115
Nereida Congost Maestre
Aspectos lingüisticos en la traducción de cuestonarios de salud (británicos y estadounidenses)
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PP 116-135
Ying Cui and Yanli Zhao
Repetition of sound, structure and meaning: a study of poeticised English-Chinese advertisement translation
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PP 136-150
Sijia Chen
Note-taking in consecutive interpreting: a review with special focus on Chinese-English literature
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PP 151-171
Adrià Martín-Mor and Pilar Sánchez-Gijón
Machine translation and audiovisual products: a case study
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PP 172-186
Carla Ortiz-Boix and Anna Matamala
Post-editing wildlife documentary films: a new possible scenario?
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PP 187-210
Maria Nieves Jimenez Carra
De Argentina a España: la adaptación de la variación lingüística en el subtitulado intralingüístico de El secreto de sus ojos
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PP 211-231
Nina Reviers
Audio description services in Europe: an update
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PP 232-247
Aline Remael
Experimenting with AD for in house TV series THUIS. An example from Flanders
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PP 248-274
Ana Tamayo Masero
Reading speed in subtitling for hearing impaired children: an analysis in Spanish television
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PP 275-294
Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds)
Handbook of Terminology. Volume1 (2015)  
Reviewed by Marcel Thelen [HTML] [PDF]
PP 295-297
Sin-wai, Chan (ed.)
The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology (2015)
Reviewed by Kristine Bundgaard [HTML] [PDF]
PP 298-301
Cheng, Le; Sin King Kui and Anne Wagner (eds)  
The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation (2014)
Reviewed by Aleksandra Matulewska [HTML] [PDF]
PP 302-303
Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Susanne Göpferich and Sharon OBrien (eds)
Interdisciplinarity in Translation and Interpreting Process Research (2015)
Reviewed by Kyriaki Kourouni [HTML] [PDF]
PP 304-305
Ji, Meng (ed.)      
Empirical Translation Studies. Interdisciplinary Methodologies Explored (2016)
Reviewed by Joost Buysschaert [HTML] [PDF]
PP 306-307
Baños Piñero, Rocío and Jorge Díaz Cintas (eds)   
Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context: Mapping and Ever-changing Landscape (2015)
Reviewed by Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano [HTML] [PDF]
PP 308-311