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Chiocchetti portrait

Elena Chiocchetti is a senior researcher at the Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism of the European Academy of Bolzano (Eurac Research). She holds a degree in Translation Studies from Trieste University and obtained a PhD from Bologna University with a thesis on multilingual knowledge management in SMEs. Her research interests include comparative terminology work in the legal domain, terminology standardisation, terminology workflows, terminological databases and multilingual business communication.

Wissik portrait

Tanja Wissik is a senior researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and teaches at the University of Graz. She holds a PhD from the University of Vienna in Translation Studies. She has been working in numerous national and international research projects in the field of language resources and digital humanities. Her research interests include legal terminology, terminology management, terminology workflows, language resources, translation technology, and research infrastructures.

Lusicky portrait

Vesna Lušicky is a lecturer and research associate at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna. She is involved in a number of European and national research projects in the field of language resources and language technology. Her research interests include translation technology, terminology management, management of language resources, and digital humanities.

Wetzel portrait

Michael Wetzel has 20+ years experience in language technologies and associated applications such as globalisation, documentation, and content management systems as well as text mining, enterprise search, multilingual classifications and nomenclatures. He is addicted to all kinds of terminology, taxonomy, ontology, enterprise vocabulary, thesaurus and related methods to structure and leverage multilingual knowledge. Michael also works as a Senior Product Manager for ESTeam AB.