Applying new technologies: a technical communication and translation case study in multilateral international collaboration
by Sonia Vandepitte, Bruce Maylath, Birthe Mousten, Patricia Minacori and Suvi Isohella


L’évaluation en didactique de la traduction: un état des lieux
by Philippe Gardy


Aproximación gradual a la traducción jurídica: un recorrido didáctico
by Gianluca Pontrandolfo


Intertextuality in Specialised Translation: Citations as semantic markers in social science
by Tanja Collet


The textual degree of technicality as a potential factor influencing the occurrence of explicitation in scientific and technical translation
by Ralph Krüger


Aspectos lingüisticos en la traducción de cuestonarios de salud (británicos y estadounidenses)
by Nereida Congost Maestre


Repetition of sound, structure and meaning: a study of poeticised English-Chinese advertisement translation
by Ying Cui and Yanli Zhao


Note-taking in consecutive interpreting: a review with special focus on Chinese-English literature
by Sijia Chen


Machine translation and audiovisual products: a case study
by Adrià Martín-Mor and Pilar Sánchez-Gijón


Post-editing wildlife documentary films: a new possible scenario?
by Carla Ortiz-Boix and Anna Matamala


De Argentina a España: la adaptación de la variación lingüística en el subtitulado intralingüístico de El secreto de sus ojos
by Maria Nieves Jimenez Carra






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The Translation of Musicals: Marta Mateo:

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Music for the Deaf: Pierre Schmitt

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Audio description services in Europe: an update
by Nina Reviers


Experimenting with AD for in house TV series THUIS. An example from Flanders
by Aline Remael


Reading speed in subtitling for hearing impaired children: an analysis in Spanish television
by Ana Tamayo Masero